TESFA Calendar & News

Dear Friends and Supporters

TESFA’s new calendar is now ready.  It begins on 01 September and ends on 31st September. It is in the same format as last years very popular calendar with stunning pictures of the Meket escarpement and trekking for each month. Each month showing the western calendar in black also shows the Ethiopian calendar in red with Saint’s days and other important celebrations and dates clearly marked.
A must for anyone planning a trip to Ethiopia, and a lovely reminder of a trip already done.
Copies will be posted to anyone making a donation to TESFA to support our work with communities.
We are suggesting a minimum donation of 100 birr per calendar for those who can pick them up in person.
If posting them abroad we are suggesting $20US/ £10GBP / €13 Euro so that we can cover the postage.
To order a copy please contact myself or Hanna Girma on tesfacbt@ethionet.et
TESFA has almost completed the base camp on Abuna Yoseph – Ethiopia’s 3rd highest massif (peak approx 4,300m), home to the rare and beautiful Ethiopian Wolf. The community run site will be open in October.  Additional community sites in Meket will also open soon after the end of the rains.  More details in the next issue of the newsletter.
Best regards


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