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Official guides – reasonably knowledgeable, but rarely needed
Unofficial guides – relatively ignorant, but sometimes needed to get rid of other “guides”, kids etc
Tour operators – they do a good job with providing transportation, food and accommodation, but don’t expect them to know everything about the places they’re taking you to – Bradt guide is your best friend!

Go for Bradt’s Budget options if you can afford those rather than the Shoestring ones. A good insecticide is recommended for all accommodations before settling in for the night. Insecticide will get rid of mossies and roaches, but offers limited protection against fleas and bed bugs.

SIM card
Available at post offices, just have a copy of your passport ready to hand over and say (if asked) that you have the residency visa (not the tourist one). Try another post office if the initial one won’t sell the SIM card if they find out you’re only a tourist, or try Western Union office inside the same post office – worked for me, third time lucky.

Using the dial up internet in Ethiopia can be a very frustrating experience. It could take up to 10 mins for the page to download and you can easily spend one hour in order to send one e-mail only. Do not rely on internet if you have to do any research eg shopping for plane tickets as their internet cannot cope with the Opodo and Expedia ads etc. The easiest way to communicate with your nearest and dearest outside of Ethiopia is by SMS. See above on how to get SIM card. Internet is surprisingly OK at some locations eg. Bahir Dar, Axum, Harar and Addis Ababa Sheraton.

Domestic flights on Ethiopian are very cheap, don’t forget to mention if you flew with Ethiopian internationally so you qualify for 20% discount (I think). You will have to re-confirm your flight!

Flying on Ethiopian internationally is a different matter. One way flights are only EUR1 cheaper than the return ones. 1 hour flight (and back) to Djibuti costs around EUR 200 – it could be cheaper to fly to London and back than from Addis to Entebe or Nairobi! I guess there are not many business class pax to African destinations so everyone pays the fixed, full price economy fare? 

VOA for certain countries available at Bole Airport: 1 month single entry visa. Extensions available at the Immigration Office in Addis, but be prepared to wait or to come back tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow or 2 days before the original visa expires etc – it all depends of the officer on duty.

Bradt Guide will keep you amused, informed and entertained as it is amazingly well written – you’ll learn much more than where to find a clean, cheap hotel or where to have a tasty injera. It’s one of the best travel guides I’ve had on my travels. Also, “The Barefoot Emperor: An Ethiopian Tragedy” by Philip Marsden will give you some insights about the unique history and culture of Ethiopia. You can see the replica of Sevastopol, Tewodoros II gun, in Tewodoros Sq in Addis.

Taxis – roughly Birr 10 per 1km, add Birr 10 to and from the Bole International

Bajaj (tuk tuk) – roughly Birr 1 per person per 1 km

Goran Jovetic, London, UK

Taxis at Bole Airport

Posted: September 29, 2009 in Addis Ababa, Air Travel, taxis

The section on taxis at Bole airport could be improved – and the idea that you should stay at the airport till sunrise is daft, especially as most international flights arrive after dark.

SO………… TAXIS at Bole Airport.

Suggested advice for those NOT being met by tour company, hotel or friends……

1.       When getting Eth birr from bank in corner of baggage hall ask for 100br in 10br notes…….

Ie banks will always give you most of your money in green 100br notes (each worth approx

5 euro/pounds). So give 1 or 2 green 100br back at bank and ask for it to be replaced by 10 x

10     Birr for taxis….

2.       Only exit door normally open is in far right hand corner after you emerge from baggage/customs into public arrivals area. (If you feel like a coffee or beer first, the café is to left of where you emerge.. ask a waiter for the menu to see prices. ”Menu please” or in Amharic “menu alla??”

3.       You may be approached by an individual inside the terminal (just past meeting/greeting point) asking if you want a taxi.  Ask for his I. D.  Ask if it’s a yellow or blue taxi…..shows you know a bit… Ask for price to your hotel. If yellow taxi, expect to pay more. Yellow taxis are operated by NTO – government tour operator, but agree price before accepting.

4.       Agree if you think price is reasonable. Prices to hotels near the airport will be hugely different to those in the north of city eg Simien, Ras Amba, Addis view.  Eg 40 birr to 120br range

5.       Don’t stay hours waiting for daylight… better to pay slightly over the odds and get some sleep.

6.       If you are used to Africa, been here before, brave, go down ramp into car park. Walk past all the guys touting for yellow taxis till you find a blue Lada taxi…..about half way across the car park.

Negotiate price before getting in. Accept say 50-75% of drivers first price…

7.       IF you know Addis, it is daylight, AND you  are back packing without suitcases, go right to far end of car park to find 12 seater minibus taxis to town for 3br…….


8.       In all this taxi seeking procedure you will have your luggage on a trolley pushed by you or a porter.  If it is dark there is a case for employing a porter in the baggage hall… guys in burgundy coloured boiler suit uniforms. May cost you 20/30br but could be a good idea if you are new.

Unofficial porter guys in car park may try to help you load the taxi…official porters will deter them.

Frank Rispin