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I spent a few months in Addis Ababa last year, and got introduced to Hailleab from Overland Ethiopia Hailleab organised travel for me to different destinations and for different purposes (work related and pleasure). He proved not only adept at fixing things so every thing went without hassles, but was a great travel companion … knowledgeble and good company. If you’re looking for a local to help smooth your peregrinations in Ethiopia, Hailleab is your man. He also organises and accompanies group tours so even if you’re not on your own like I was, you should give him a go. I highly recommend him.

A note about airfares. If you have the time and its not inconvenient, I recommend buying domestic airfares on Ethiopian Airlines in person at one of their offices. Much cheaper than their (unreliable) website. For example, I bought two domestic return tickets from Addis to Gambela at the Ethiopian office between the airport and Bole Medenhalem paying cash and it cost USD$90 RT pp. instead of the $180pp advertised online. This is probably true for all East Africa flights (flights to Tanzania, Kenya etc. all go from the ”domestic” terminal) and I think have the same sales terms.

Also, can I plug my favorite Jazz club … also near Bole, Club Alize. Its right near the minibus taxi interchange. (Go around the back and down into the basement.) Thursday nights’ band is called Addis Acoustic Renaissance. They’re terrific.


Old Aster Aweke recordings

Posted: October 17, 2010 in music, websites

I just came across this amazing website Anybody with more than a passing interest in African music could explore it for days. But if you like Aster Aweke, download the old cassette posted in  October 2010. Sounds totally different & very much older and more traditional than other other CD or cassette I’ve ever heard from her. Fascinating stuff.