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Mount Kundudo trip report

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Harar, Mount Kundudo

Ulrike writes:

When I travelled to Harar I was happy to read about Mt. Kundudo as a day trip – but as I headed for Fugnan Bira, it took me more then 4 hours with the local bus (no minibusses available!!!) – because its uphill and the engine worked poorly – also because I waited very long for take off, seems that there are very very few busses daily directly to Fugnan Bira, but all the minibusses head for a town (I forgot the name) in between, where changing minibusses to Fugnan Bira would be the by far faster option then taking the big and old local bus directly from harar. In any case I think its not possible to do Mt Kundudo as a day trip, because from Fugnan Bira you have to take a Bajaj for at least 1 hour (I don’t know why but the guy took me for free, therefore I don’t know the price) to the foot of Mt Kundudo, from there it will be another 2 hours untill the top – which I didn’t reach, because I arrived in Fugnan Bira at 2 pm and didn’t have enough time left – of course I spend the night in Fugnan Bira, there is only one basic hotel, to my information (30 Birr). The two days were really beautiful apart from the stone throwing, which I experienced throughout the country as a female solo traveller who never gives money to children…