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Jan Tromp has just sent me a copy of his new ebook entitled “Ethiopia, The Northern Circuit: Architecture and Iconography of Churches”

It looks like a very useful resource, complimentary to the Bradt Guide, for those with a deeper interest in the history of the region. It is 536 pages in length, with 72,500 words and 420 coloured photographs on a black background to make them stand out on tablet readers.

The profits will go to Yenege Tesfa, an NGO in Gonder for aids-orphans.

It can be bought online at

Bradt Guide to Somaliland

Posted: September 26, 2012 in books, Somaliland

This is to alert readers of the Bradt Guide to Ethiopia that there is also now a Bradt Guide to Somaliland – click on the cover below for full details!

The recent flurry of new birding books to Ethiopia continues with the publication by Christopher Helm Publishers of Where to Watch Birds in Ethiopia by Claire Spottiswoode, Merid Gabremichael and Julian Francis. This book is intended as a complement to the same publisher’s dedicated Field Guide to the Horn of Africa and Bird Atlas for Ethiopia and Eritrea and it provides detailed coverage and GPS readings for 50 key birding sites, mostly in southern Ethiopia, along with photos and descriptions of the country’s ‘top 50 species’. At 180-odd pages, it is very portable and would make an excellent near-essential companion to the Field Guide to the Horn of Africa for dedicated birders, especially those travelling without a local guide specialised in ornithology. It can be ordered directly through the publisher’s website by clicking this link or the cover below:

Another bird book for Ethiopia

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Birdwatching, books

Following on from last year’s publication of a dedicated Field Guide to the Horn of Africa and Bird Atlas for Ethiopia and Eritrea, we have another great addition to Ethiopian birding literature in the form of Birding Ethiopia by Ken Behrens, Keith Barnes and Christian Boix. A perfect complement to the field guide or atlas, this book feels a bit like a vastly extended and illustrated trip report, and is the perfect hands-on starting point for anybody planning a birding trip to Ethiopia. Highly recommended!

Anybody interested in the Ethiopian traditions relating to the Ark of the Covenant & Queen of Sheba should find this downloadable booklet by Bernard Leeman a fascinating read…

Books about South Omo

Posted: August 17, 2010 in books, South Omo

In reading up on the Bumi and the Surma, I have come across two
brilliantly photographed books which are not (yet) in your reading list but
deserve to be. They are almost as good as African Ark, which is still the
number one for me. Incidentally Angela Fisher’s other book is also good if a
bit thinner on Ethiopia: Africa Adorned.

The two new ones are:

Hans Silvester: “Natural Fashion: Tribal decoration from Africa”, also in
German and French(Surma and Mursi only). Sensible but short text. Stunning
and often very amusing photos.

Gianni Giansanti: “Vanishing Africa” (translated from ” Africa Ultima” and
also in German)(all the major Omo valley tribes). Text a bit idiosyncratic,
but photos stunning.

Adrian Greenwood

The BookWorld chain now has 11  branches around Addis Ababa, including those in the city’s two biggest hotel, the Sheraton & Hilton.

Other major branches are as follows:

BookWorld Olympia – Bole Road, In front of Dembel City center, 011 5 54 42 95

BookWorld Piazza – (listed in 2009 Bradt)

BookWorld Zerihun – around 22 Mazoria, Zerihun Bldg, 011 6 63 63 94/95

BookWorld Friendship – (also listed in 2009 Bradt) 011 6 63 99 13